Saturday, November 10, 2007

Blog up!

The Frag-o-rama blog is up and running!

Feel free to download the rules, make a donation, and check out the Creative Commons license.


J LaManna said...

What other genres have you thought of making?

I think old west/steampunk are obvious but what about others?

I think these would be great:
WWI/Pulp Indiana Jones style
Star Wars
1920's Gangster

And of course the funest would be making weapon cards, power ups and minis for all the above and makeing them into one amalgamated game.

"My jawa just picked up the rocket boots and a grease gun!"

John said...

LOVE the game! I think it's one of the best i've played in a long time. Jim LaManna gave me the rules the other day. I'm a member of his GASP club.

I am currently making a squad now out of a bunch of Warhammer 40K Space Marines. I might also get a few space alien -type creatures to boot...Maybe some tyranids that i'll make holding guns....hmm.

I'm also going to start building some terrain out of cans and straws (sounds funky but trust me it'll be cool. I'm really excited to build up a sweet set-up for this game. I'll post photos once it's complete.

Anonymous said...

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