Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Disaster Averted

My laptop recently died, taking all my gaming stuff from the last 10 or so years with it. I managed to get it running one more time and scrambled to copy all my writing onto a flash drive, shoving it all in like the women and children from the Titanic.

So, I've started to work on Zombie-o-rama again. I'd like to have a version that can travel to GASPCon in Pittsburgh where Frag-o-rama has some fans. When I first post it, it will probably be missing campaign and scenario rules just so people can get a look. It is definitely a scenario centered game though.

Look for updates soon. For real this time.


Anonymous said...

What r you going to use as mini's?

pghgamer said...

sorry, that was me with the last comment. I haven't done much with my site in over a year. We're expecting our first child so I've been working on the house in prep for that. Love Zombies! Mmmm, Brains!!!

Montyhaul said...

If you ever fancy posting what you got together for the zombie-o-rama, our group would love to give it a go, even if it isnt quite finished.